Below our "old" race loft which is now the home of 16 breeding couples.



The race loft of the Combination de Groot de Jong is 12 meters long.

The whole loft is build up out of three lofts which where bought at the Firma Buitenhuis Elburg and we placed two aviaries in front so it looks like one loft.

It contains the little widowers loft, where 12 couples are situated and the large widowers loft, where 20 couples have their home. Between those two departments the aviary for the widower hens is made. The front of the aviary is covered with netting and in the back there are 32 seats where the hens stay during their widowhood. During the racing season they train from this aviary. They also return here when the trainingsflight is over.

We play double widowhood. Through 2 windows the hens can return to their loft after they were showed to their partners.  When they arrive from the flight the hens may enter the widowers lofts. The hens breed together with their cocks one round of youngsters.

Between the large widowers loft and the youngsters loft an aviary is also placed. The 4 meters large aviary is also covered with netting. In the youngsters loft and in the aviary is place for 80 youngsters. After some flights and the youngsters came home well the youngsters are played on the door and they are darkened of course.


Our race loft in the summer

Our race loft in the winter