Lying at the IJsselmeer, the greatest lake of Europa you find the little city of Workum. One of the eleven Frisian Towns where if we have an very cold winter the biggest race in speed skating has it's race. Of course it's famous of the Workumer Pottery, the Jopie Huisman museum and not to forget one of the most modern cheese dairies of the world. 

At the Brouwersdijk is the house of Hanjo de Groot and in de large garden are the lofts from Firma Buitenhuis from Elburg. Where since 1995 have competed under the name J .de Groot and since 2002 under the name of Combination de Groot–de Jong.

Because Hanjo works in shifts and due to those shifts he hasn't always the time to take care of the pigeons and that is why Hanjo asked Douwe de Jong to look after the pigeons. And Douwe does this with a lot of compassion and he is a man which lives with the clock.



The tasks in this combination are divided. Hanjo takes care of the racers, so the old pigeons and the youngsters. Also the administration, and he also puts the couples together. Of course the medical care is it's necessary. If Hanjo has the late shift, Douwe is his replacer and he than takes care of the racers. The breeders are the job of Douwe and he also takes care of everything concerning the training and the basketing


  Douwe de Jong  "the loft manager"


The combination is member of the P.V.Workum E.O from Workum, a little cozy club with 20 members. With a lot of good fanciers like : Doeke Dam, Pier Venema, Comb Flapper-Mulder, Japie Bouma, Henk Kurpershoek, Theunis Wouda and so on.

They compete in the ACG 2 from the department Friesland ’96. They also compete in the region " De Kuststrook " ( about 350 fanciers)








                Hanjo de Groot  "the fancier"